How to Get & Use High Contrast Themes on Windows 11

Get a theme that reduces strain and soothes the eye

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  • Visual effects and themes play a vital role, especially for users who spend long hours working on the device.
  • A dark or high-contrast theme remains a popular choice, given the appealing interface.
  • This guide lists some of the best themes for Windows 11 and the steps to get them.
use high contrast theme in windows 11

While the default theme in Windows works fine for most, some prefer a solid color, especially a black background, for enhanced visibility. And this is where the Windows 11 high contrast themes come into the picture.

Windows offers a set of built-in dark themes, but you can always get more if the available options don’t fulfill the intended purpose. Besides, you can further customize the dark mode, change the background color, and choose other theme options.

Benefits of high contrast themes:

  • Optimal color combination for people who have trouble viewing.
  • Lesser eye strain.
  • A sleek and unique look.
  • Changes the color of links and buttons, enhancing visibility.

How do I get more contrast themes in Windows 11?

1. Choose an already available contrast theme

  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings, go to Accessibility from the navigation pane, and select Contrast themes.contrast themes
  2. Choose one of the high contrast themes from the dropdown menu. You can also check the appearance under previews.choose high contrast theme in Windows 11
  3. Click on Apply for the changes to come into effect.
  4. Similarly, you can enable other contrast themes in no time.

2. Get Windows 11 contrast themes from the Microsoft Store

  1. Press Windows + S to open the Search menu, type Microsoft Store in the text field, and click the relevant result.
  2. Type Windows Themes in the search field at the top, and hit themes
  3. You will now find a range of themes compatible with the PC.
  4. Select any and click the Get button to download it.get high contrast theme in Windows 11
  5. After the theme is downloaded, press Windows + I to open Settings, select Personalization from the left pane, and click on Themes.
  6. Finally, choose the one you got from the Microsoft Store, and it should apply immediately.set theme

Microsoft Store offers a wide range of dark themes for Windows 11. Though, for most of these, the changes are limited to the desktop, and you won’t get the high-contrast colors in the built-in apps.

3. Download from a third-party website

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WindowsReport is not affiliated with any of the websites listed here. We recommend scanning files downloaded from these websites with an effective antivirus solution to keep the device safe.

There are several online platforms that allow creators to submit themes and, at the same time, let users download high contrast themes for Windows 11. The options here are limitless, and you should surely find one that meets the requirements.

We found these two to work best:

4. Create your own high-contrast theme

  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings, select the Accessibility tab, and then click on Contrast themes.
  2. Choose a theme from the menu, and click Edit.edit to create custom high contrast theme in Windows 11
  3. You can now change the background color, text color, hyperlink color, and the color assigned to buttons, amongst others. Simply click on the color box next to individual entries and select one that works best.configure preferences
  4. Click Save as to create a new theme.
  5. Enter a theme name in the text field, and click Save and theme

The new theme will be applied, and its details will be stored on the PC, while the contrast theme you edited initially remains unaltered. Besides, you can create custom themes for Google Chrome.

How do I turn high contrast mode on or off in Windows 11?

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut: Press Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen > click Yes in the dialog box. The dedicated shortcut will also turn off high contrast mode when it’s enabled.
  2. From Settings: Press Windows + I to open Settings > go to Accessibility > select Contrast themes > choose one from the dropdown menu > click Apply.
  3. From Control Panel: Press Windows + R to open Run, paste shell:::{ED834ED6-4B5A-4bfe-8F11-A626DCB6A921} > hit Enter > select one of the High Contrast Themes listed here.high contrast theme

Windows allows you to choose from the built-in contrast themes, download one, or edit the available lot. Using the last option, you can find the best high contrast settings for Windows 11. Also, you may consider enabling high contrast on the browser for a better experience.

If all this sounds too complex to deal with, you can invert colors in Windows 11 and get a somewhat similar outcome.

Do share your favorite Windows 11 high contrast theme in the comments section below.

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