You will no longer receive new features on Office 2019

The end of the life of Microsoft Office 2019 is around the corner.

by Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
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  • Microsoft announced that the end of mainstream support for Office 2019 is coming in October 2023.
  • The news arrived not too long after announcing the end of life of Office 2013.
  • That said, those apps will no longer receive new features, although will still have security updates now and then.

Microsoft issues another dire warning for its Office 2019 users. After announcing the end of life of Microsoft Office 2013 earlier, the tech giant said that it plans to move Office 2019 to extended support, ending the period of its mainstream support, on October 10, 2023, until October 14, 2025.

It applies to all editions, including Home and Business, Home and Student, Personal, Professional, and Standard.

“Microsoft is committed to providing products with improved security. Although we strive to remove vulnerabilities during development, software vulnerabilities remain a fact today and we must be prepared to respond when they are discovered”

The announcement is met with quite polarizing receptions since the latest stable release arrived not too long ago in January 2023, but people had already seen it coming. Upon its release, Office 2019 was bundled with several perpetual SKU editions. The most popular one, Home & Student, includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

What does moving Office 2019 to extended support mean?

Moving from mainstream support to extended support means that the software will no longer receive new features, free incident support, and request non-security updates. The cycle usually lasts for 5 years from the product’s release. After that, Redmond officials will move it to extended support.

Although users can still expect security updates and paid support during this cycle, the tech company will no longer accept requests for features, warranty support, or design changes.

It doesn’t mean that you can not use these apps anymore, however. You can, but be mindful that the end of its life is just around the corner. Matter of fact, a suggestion to move to the latest Microsoft 365 when accessing Office 2019 page’s on Microsoft’s website will greet you.

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