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Complete guides to fix software issues, errors / bugs

PC software is the backbone of using a computer since the OS provides you with just a launching platform for all of your other installed tools. However, regardless of how solid or trustworthy a developer is, issues with the software, in general, are still something that you will encounter from time to time.

There are plenty of issues that can happen while using software, but here is a rundown of some of the most common that you will ever encounter:

Common Windows 10 errorsAntivirus errorsFile EXE errorsRuntime errorsGaming errorsBrowser errors

How do I fix common software issues?

There is no go-to fix that will handle all possible software errors since each software is installed and behaves differently.

However, there are some common fixes that you could try, such as performing a software repair, making sure your programs don’t interfere with one another, and ultimately uninstalling and re-installing them.

Given the multitude of possible solutions you could try, we’ve created this dedicated Hub so that you can have all the software troubleshooting guides gathered in one place.

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