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Protect Your Business with an Antivirus

All antivirus tools share one common purpose: to protect your PC from all potentially dangerous and harmful software known as malware.

The problem is that it is one thing to have a single PC infected and maybe lose a few pictures or program installations, and it is a whole other thing to have all of your company computers infected, potentially leading to catastrophic financial losses.

🛡️ What are the best antivirus tools for businesses?

All major antivirus developers provide software solutions that cater both to common household users, as well as versions that are more suited for company-wide use. These versions allow support for a much larger number of machines and usually come with added protection compared to their household versions, more often than naught including financial protection features.

Here are some antivirus developers that have business-oriented antivirus tools:

Bitdefender • Symantec • Bullguard • Avast • Kaspersky Labs

 Common issues and questions regarding antivirus tools for small businesses

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Note: Antivirus tools are just one of many security measures that you can use to keep your PC safe. For a more complete list of how you can make your PC malware-proof, head over to our Cybersecurity Hub.

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