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Microsoft this week announced some minor name changes to its Windows 10 update process and its test releases, and it rolled out a new baseline tool for IT pros to help with Windows 10 Group Policy settings. Microsoft has changed its nomenclature a lot throughout Windows 10's history. The name changes have mostly just added to the confusion surrounding a somewhat complex triage process, wherein IT pros are expected to carry out more frequent testing of new operating system releases than they did with Windows 7. The newly announced baseline tool, though, possibly might be helpful to them.
New Windows 10 Update Baseline Tool
Microsoft on Tuesday announced the publication of its Windows 10 Update Baseline tool, which offers help for IT pros on customizing Group Policy settings for various Windows 10 security and administrative activities. The announcement compared the Windows 10 Update Baseline tool to Microsoft's security baseline recommendations for Windows 10. The new tool is described as a sort of best-practices aid, with recommendations on Windows 10 settings for "configuring deadlines," "restart behavior," "accounting for low activity devices," "delivery optimization" and "power policies." Windows 10 has support for more than 3,000 Group Policy settings, Microsoft indicated. The Windows 10 Update Baseline tool is conceived as helping IT pros get through that complexity. Its advice is said to be based on "real-world best practices." The announcement also mentioned a document announced back in March, called "Optimizing Windows 10 Update Adoption," which apparently is related to the Windows 10 Update Baseline tool. This document does list recommended Group Policy and mobile device management settings for Windows 10 at the back (pp 37-44). There are recommended settings for things like "velocity and compliance," "accounting for low activity devices" and "deployment policies."
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