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Windows 10 1903 users continue to complain that Start Menu is giving a critical error message and that Edge now will not launch after installing the latest KB4517389 cumulative update. For some, uninstalling the recent cumulative update has fixed these issues, but for others, the Start Menu problem persists. With new cumulative updates routinely introducing new issues in Windows 10, it has become difficult to diagnose what exactly is causing these issues. Was it a previous update that made a change that persisted after uninstall or something new that was introduced in the latest update? The other frustrating part of these issues is that only some people experience them and others perform their updates without a problem. For example, I personally have not had any issues after installing the recent Windows 10 1903 updates. While Microsoft has not acknowledged any issues with this update in the Windows 10 health dashboard, these issues are being reported in the Feedback Hub, Microsoft's community forums, and elsewhere. Therefore, it is assumed they are aware of them. Below we will take a look at the issues users are experiencing in Windows 10 1903 after installing the KB4517389 cumulative update that was released on October 8th, 2019. With the release of the KB4524147 cumulative update on October 3rd, Windows 10 1903 users started reporting that when they click on the Start Menu button, Windows would display a Critical Error message. Users reported that uninstalling the KB4524147 update would fix the Start Menu issue. After installing this week's KB4517389 cumulative update, users are once again reporting that the Start Menu is giving the same critical error again. Most have reported getting their Start Menu working by uninstalling the KB4517389 update and others have said they also had to uninstall the KB4524147 before the error would go away. With the release of KB4517389, users are also reporting being unable to launch Microsoft Edge. Some have stated that they can launch Microsoft Edge if they click on a link on a web page, but double-clicking on the icon does not do anything. Learn more by visiting OUR FORUM.