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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 04:59
Windows 8 Is For Touch Screens
Now that Microsoft's entire product vision for Windows 8 is coming together, it's finally starting to make sense. Windows 8 plus Office 2013 on a touch screen tablet could be a great product for a certain class of user — busy information workers who spend a lot of time in Office apps like Outlook and Excel (which aren't available on the iPad), who want a tablet for media consumption and casual gaming, and who don't want to carry two devices. Using Windows 8 on a traditional laptop with a trackpad was an exercise in frustration — the gestures weren't intuitive, the functions were confusing, and the flow of the experience just didn't make sense. Microsoft should give the Office team a raise and some extra vacation time. Not only has Office 2010 been responsible for most of Microsoft's revenue growth for the last year and a half, but the crew has done a fine job reworking Office 2013 for touch screens in a very short amount of time...This holds snippets of what the entire article contains at windows8newsinfo forum.

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