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Thursday, 12 July 2012 05:29
build differences
It has been almost a month since Windows 8 Release Preview was released. Obviously, the current release is considered as being more stable than the previous release i.e. Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Today in this article, we’re going to discuss the noticeable UI changes in Windows 8 Release Preview. Microsoft has really worked on fixing the bugs and other issues, based on the feedback it got from the beta testers and end-users too. Apart from an updated Windows Store, fixes for OS hanging issue, support for Flas in the Metro version of IE, multi-monitor support, etc, it also includes many other changes. They have fixed the core, as well as made some visual improvements too. These were the few changes which we have noticed in both the beta editions of Windows 8. We expect that same change ratio to be followed between Release Preview and Release to Manufacture (RTM) edition...As we rapidly approach the release of Windows 8 to the general public, I am certain we will start seeing many more differences than what we see in the Release Preview, we will carry these changes as we find them on windows8newsinfo forum.

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