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Wednesday, 11 July 2012 05:29
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City officials in San Francisco the greenest city in the US plans to block local government agencies from buying new Apple Macintosh computers. The move follows the firm's decision to pull out of a green certification scheme designed to identify which electronic devices pose the least risk to the environment. The sum is a fraction of the firm's $65bn net sales the same year, but the fact that its Cupertino headquarters is about 70km away from San Francisco (43 miles) and many of its staff live in the city have helped the act gain attention. The Wall Street Journal blog said letters would be sent to all 50 of the city's agencies over the next fortnight. "Apple takes a comprehensive approach to measuring our environmental impact and all of our products meet the strictest energy efficiency standards backed by the US government," a spokeswoman said. "We also lead the industry by reporting each product's greenhouse gas emissions on our website, and Apple products are superior in other important environmental areas not measured by EPEAT, such as removal of toxic materials."...Get the complete low down at windows8newsinfo forum.

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