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Friday, 29 June 2012 16:14
Like most other Facebook users, I woke up recently to discover I had a Facebook email address. I don’t want a Facebook email address. Frankly, if I were King of the World, I’d boot Facebook into a giant black hole and laugh gleefully as the entire thing burned to a never-to-haunt-us again crispy hulk. I didn’t pay all that much attention to this until I read Violet’s piece on Facebook email addresses, and then I realized what a nightmare those [profanity deleted] at Facebook are. First, I didn’t exactly want to log into Facebook. I try to avoid doing so more than once a month. But, fine, in I went. Then I looked at my profile settings and my contact settings. I found my previously entered email address (the one I use for everything) and noticed that I’d explicitly marked it as "Hidden from profile". But that is not the worst of it. Oh, no. Facebook doesn’t allow me to turn off my new Facebook email inbox and refuse mail...Read more about how people are ranting about this misstep by facebook on windows8newsinfo forum.

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