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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 05:34
windows 2 go
Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Now Windows 8 Release Preview) is called that for a reason—there isn't a lot on the surface that looks very compelling about the new operating system to business users. The revelation that Microsoft would not support domains or other administrative features on Windows 8 for ARM devices dumped cold water on many enterprise customers' hopes for a single, unified way to manage users and systems across desktop and mobile devices. But Windows 8 does offer a "mobile" alternative that may at least pique business and tech support users' curiosity: Windows to Go, an installation of Windows 8 that boots from a USB thumb drive. In theory, Windows to Go could give administrators a way of creating a verified, locked-down image of the Windows 8 OS that can be given to wandering users, temporary off-site contractors, or telecommuters to allow them to connect to the corporate network with confidence from their own (or someone else's) computer...Find step-by-step instructions at windows8newsinfo forum.

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