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Written by Wayne   
Friday, 15 May 2015 06:09
Windows Mobile
What’s in a name? Well for Microsoft, almost 20 years of various successes and public failures. Yesterday, the Internet collectively chuckled as Microsoft’s company-wide rebranding efforts have the handset maker backtracking to an almost 20-year-old naming convention for its mobile efforts. As of today, the confusingly named Windows Phone mobile operating system that came preloaded on phones, will now just be called Windows 10 Mobile. Back in September, Microsoft quietly dropped the Windows Phone naming convention for phones. Without Windows Phone on phones, phones brandishing the Windows Phone OS started unofficially retaining the common sense title of Windows Mobile. The Windows Mobile title was a natural fit for two reasons, the first because it eloquently encompassed Microsoft’s vision for Windows and mobility. The second reason the unofficial name change became the go-to reference was, Microsoft officially used it no less than five years ago for roughly the same product. With Microsoft rolling back to the name Windows Mobile again, the over-corrected experiment of Windows Phone seemingly comes to an unclimatic end. Perhaps foolishly I am once again dazzled by the prospect of Windows Mobile. I am less enthused for the mirrored philosophy of ‘desktop parity’ both the old and new Windows Mobile offer, but more excited at the idea of Microsoft finally finding their footing again. I see the return of Windows Mobile as the official announcement that Windows Phone was a short-sighted reaction to the industry. A reaction that has arguably cost Microsoft a solid place in the future of mobile computing. Windows Mobile may only be a name change but the name Windows Mobile symbolized a hyper-functional smartphone OS ahead of its time, but lacked the technology to polish the experience...We have a lot more posted at windows8newsinfo forum.

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