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Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 10 May 2015 17:35

Microsoft Passport

Microsoft Passport has been around for quite a while. It serves as a single point entry to all of the Microsoft products such as, OneDrive, Messenger (when it was alive), People, contacts and more. In Windows 10, Microsoft Passport will replace passwords with strong two-factor authentication that consists of an enrolled device and a Windows Hello (biometric) or PIN. This post offers an overview of how Microsoft intends to use Microsoft Passport in Windows 10. Broadly speaking, Microsoft Passport consists of 2  services – a single Sign-in service that allows members to use a single name and password to log in, and a Wallet service that members can use to make fast, convenient online purchases. Microsoft introduced Two-factor authentication a couple of years back, when cyber criminals increased their activities on the Internet. However, there have been some problems using the two-factor authentication in its current state. First – you enter the password and then you receive a PIN that you have to enter. If on the phone, this becomes a problem, especially if phone’s RAM is low. Besides this, in its current scenario, when you wish to go for two-factor authentication, you have to create different passwords for different apps you use. You even have to create an “app password” for Microsoft Outlook email client and enter it instead of the real Microsoft password that you use for logging in via a web browser. All this is set to change with Microsoft Passport in Windows 10. Right now, the two-factor authentication is optional. Microsoft will make it mandatory for all to use two-factor authentication. It won’t be as tough as it is now. There will be two keys, one with Microsoft and one with the user. The user needs just the user key to get access to protected Microsoft apps. We’ve already talked about the PIN...We have more about the upcoming operating system and its features posted at windows8nwsinfo forum.



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