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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 04:45

Enterprise Data Protection in Windows 10

Companies are encouraging a single device for both organizational and personal use. It could be Bring your Own Device (BYOD), or the companies providing devices for both personal and enterprise use. Between the two, users of these devices will tend to store both enterprise data and personal data on same device. Besides this, there are company apps, company approved apps, as well as personal apps that the user might download for his or her own use and entertainment. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential that enterprises manage their data and apps securely without spoiling the user experience for the employees. Too many security restrictions, preventing users from downloading apps for personal use, may turn off the employee. Windows 10 offers a way that keeps both admins and employees happy. This article checks out Enterprise Data Protection in Windows 10. This is the name for the module that protects enterprise data against unintended or malicious use. The first thing here is proper encryption, so that even if the data is leaked or compromised, the data remains safe as others cannot decode it. The EDP module identifies enterprise and personal apps and lets the employees use them both at the same time without messing up. The EDP module allows for simultaneous display of both personal as well enterprise apps on the same screen. Eg. the Outlook app for checking personal mail as well as company mail. Employee experience will be enhanced, as they will not have to switch between enterprise and personal logins. If a personal document is marked as corporate, due to an error, the employee can initiate a process to claim it back (using the Audit method). Corporate data is protected even on employee-owned devices. If an employee marks a new document as being work related, it is automatically protected as enterprise data. When employees leave the organization or move to another department, you can remotely wipe off all the traces of corporate data on his or her device – without affecting their personal data. This makes sure that they cannot misuse enterprise data...Learn more on our forum.



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