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Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 02 April 2015 05:48
Facebook Community Standards
No need to say that Facebook is one of the most used social networks with all kinds of things being shared there. There are many who intentionally or unintentionally post objectionable material that may or may not be in accordance to new Facebook guidelines for posts. To remove the confusion, Facebook has released a 2500 word booklet containing information on what information to share and what information on Facebook will be removed. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts from Facebook booklet in details. To make things easier for users of Facebook, the social networking site released a booklet containing information about what types of posts will be considered in contrast to Facebook standards. The booklet starts by saying that the social networking site’s mission is to provide people with power to share and make the world more connected and more open. It says that the conversations that happen on Facebook are reflections of the thoughts of a community that is almost 1 billion members. It further states that since it wants people to feel safe while sharing their information, they have come up with improved community standards. The Facebook community standards will help you with what to post and what not to share. It takes up different categories of posts and explains in detail whether or not such posts are entertained on Facebook. It further details what types of posts violate the Facebook community standards and will be removed. Facebook says it will take personal and public threats seriously, even if they sound humorous. Posts that pose a threat to public property or one or more individuals will be removed. In doing so, Facebook will look into the physical locations and public visibility of posts to consider removal of posts. It will take into account, the posts from people living in violent prone areas before deciding if a post is actually a threat. Images and posts promoting self-injuries are not entertained anymore...There's plenty more at windows8newsinfo forum.

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