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Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 01 April 2015 04:22
Microsoft Surface 3
The new Surface 3, the affordable tablet/laptop hybrid just announced today, proves it. Rather than the dumbed-down version of Microsoft’s operating system that its predecessors ran, it’s been imbued with full-fledged Windows 8.1 (with a free Windows 10 upgrade coming as soon as Microsoft can release it), thanks to Intel’s new x86-based Atom X7 processor. For $499, you can get the same lovely design from the Surface Pro 3, only in a smaller, less powerful package. And you can still get up to ten hours of battery life. So why would you want—hell, why would Microsoft even make—something less? A device like the Surface 3 simply wasn’t possible a year or two ago: there wasn’t a CPU fast enough and efficient enough to run in a fanless device for longer than about 20 minutes. Advancements from Microsoft and Intel, though, mean that’s no longer the case. Meanwhile, Windows RT was never much more than a bandage, built to let something called “Windows” run on cheap hardware. It looked like Windows, but could only run apps from the Windows Store. Most of the desktop apps we need to get work (and life) done were just incompatible. You could use a browser, Office, and a handful of decent apps, and that was it. Now that cheap hardware is also good hardware, the Surface 3 can finally be just a smaller, more affordable version of the Pro 3 without also being strikingly less capable. First of all, it’s still very much a Surface: a silver, magnesium tablet-cum-laptop with a kickstand. Other than a few tweaks, like the new reflective Windows logo or the fact that there’s no fan, it’s dead ringer for its pricier big brother. Sadly, it’s not quite as adjustable as the Pro 3; it clicks into one of three positions, instead of pretty much anywhere you want it...Follow this exciting confirmation along with us all at windows8newsinfo forum.

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