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Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 26 March 2015 04:48
Preinstalled Microsoft Apps On Android Devices
Just the way it should be! Point being, users will, in no way, be forced to use the bundled Microsoft apps on Android smartphones and tablets if they don’t want to. Microsoft’s mobile strategy now goes beyond the Windows Phone platform. And as part of introducing new users to its products and services, the software titan outlined a new deal with a number of top Android hardware vendors (including Samsung, Pegatron and Dell) to preinstall select apps on new devices. Apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype. And as Redmond puts it, preinstalling these apps has got a lot to do with the fact that users have been asking for Microsoft apps on Android hardware: However, the company will provide the ability to uninstall all these apps from Android powered smartphones and tablets, meaning these application will not actually become the latest bloatware for the Android platform. The ultimate goal, obviously, remains bringing more people to the Windows 10 for Phones platform, the new mobile operating system currently under development at Redmond. Just how much of an impact this strategy has will be evident in the coming months...You can follow Windows 10 developments at windows8newsinfo forum.

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