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Twitter To Get More Musical PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 October 2014 02:53

Twitter To Get More Musical

After Twitter’s rumoured attempt to buy SoundCloud never happened, the social networking site has decided to partner up with the music sharing network instead. Twitter’s new Audio Cards feature combines forces with SoundCloud as well as iTunes, meaning that these new cards will appear both on your Twitter dashboard as well as on the two other services. Audio cards aren’t just for music either. On top of notable artists such as Coldplay and Alt-J, big institutions such as the BBC World Service and NASA also have Audio Cards of their own “With a single tap, the Twitter Audio Card lets you discover and listen to audio directly in your timeline on both iOS and Android devices,” said Twitter product manager Richard Slatter. “Throughout your listening experience, you can dock the Audio Card and keep listening as you continue to browse inside the Twitter app.” SoundCloud Audio Cards let the user pop them up and out into their own window, with fullscreen mode showing any art the uploader has set to go with the sounds. The window can be minimised and the sounds will still play. Twitter’s ill-fated app Twitter #music launched in April 2013 but only lasted a year, closing down in April this year. Twitter promised they would be finding new ways to bring music to Twitter following the app’s closure after key members of the team behind it left the company. Twitter has stayed dedicated to music however, Audio Cards isn’t the only music service the company is providing, in fact the social network has been working with chart company Billboard to produce the ‘Trending 140’ chart since May...We have more detailed information posted on our forum.


POODLE Vulnerability PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 18 October 2014 02:15

POODLE Vulnerability

It’s hard to wrap our minds around all these internet catastrophes as they occur, and just as we thought the internet was secure again after Heartbleed and Shellshock threatened to “end life as we know it,” out comes POODLE. Don’t get too worked up because it is not as menacing as it sounds. The truth is that it is an issue to be concerned with, but there are simple steps you can take to safeguard yourself. Let’s start on the ground floor. What is POODLE? First off, it stands for “Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption.” The security issue is exactly what the name suggests, a protocol downgrade that allows exploits on an outdated form of encryption. The issue came to the world’s attention this month when Google released a paper called “This POODLE Bites: Exploiting The SSL 3.0 Fallback”. To explain this in simpler terms, if an attacker using a Man-In-The-Middle attack can take control of a router at a public hotspot, they can force your browser to downgrade to SSL 3.0 (an older protocol) instead of using the much more modern TLS (Transport Layer Security), and then exploit a security hole in SSL to hijack your browser sessions. Since this problem is in the protocol, anything that uses SSL is affected. As long as both the server and the client (web browser) support SSL 3.0, the attacker can force a downgrade in the protocol, so even if your browser tries to use TLS, it ends up being forced to use SSL instead. The only answer is for either side or both sides to remove support for SSL, removing the possibility of being downgraded. If you primarily browse from home and don’t use public hotspots, the potential for damage is pretty low, and you can just take the easy steps outlined later in the article to protect yourself. If you often use a public hotspot, it might be time to think about using a VPN...For a more thorough explanation visit windows8newsinfo forum.


Windows As A Service PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Friday, 17 October 2014 05:59

Windows As A Service

After the success of offering Microsoft Office as a Service – in the form of Office 365, is it possible for Microsoft to offer its operating system, Windows as a Service? The article tries to find out answers, while talking about the possible implementation models. Please note that there are already Microsoft PaaS services such as Azure, but the scope there is limited. I am talking about offering the entire OS as a service that can run in a browser and call upon other programs. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. You might already have been using SkyDrive Desktop that serves as an example of SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS is clearly a software provided by some cloud service that you can use as and when required and as long as required. SkyDrive desktop, for example, is a software that you download from Microsoft and use it to synchronize your files on the cloud with the local storage. But this is not about SkyDrive desktop. The implementation of SkyDrive desktop app is much easier compared to offering Windows as a Service. We all know Windows as an operating system. How is it possible to offer an operating system as a service? An operating system is required to fire up a computer. If the service is provided on cloud, how can one boot his or her computer to connect with the service? Will it still be called operating system? Or will it be an extension of the operating system? I can assume we have the basic bootable Windows copy on the computers. With that copy, the computer boots up. This basic bootable Windows copy does not have many options as it is not a full fledged operating system but a compact, or rather, stripped down version of Windows operating system...Do you find this interesting, and want to know more?  Please visit windows8newsinfo forum.



Why there’s no Windows 9 PDF Print E-mail
Written by riso   
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 17:59
Why did Microsoft skip directly from Windows 8 (or more precisely, Windows 8.1) directly to Windows 10 instead of going to Windows 9? Mostly we think it’s that the company wanted to take a big symbolic step away from Windows 8, which has acquired a Vista-like taint since its release two years ago. And now a new report from Business Insider seemingly confirms our suspicions as it quotes Microsoft’s Windows marketing boss Tony Prophet discussing exactly why Microsoft decided to leap ahead numerically. “It came and it went,” Prophet said of Windows 9. “Windows 10 is not going to be an incremental step from Window 8.1. Windows 10 is going to be a material step. We’re trying to create one platform, one eco-system that unites as many of the devices from the small embedded Internet of Things, through tablets, through phones, through PCs and, ultimately, into the Xbox.” So there you have it: Windows 10 is such a big leap forward for the platform that just increasing its number by one numeral
Windows 10 Consumer Preview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 03:50

Windows 10 Consumer Preview

Sources had hinted long ago that Microsoft plans on releasing to preview versions of its next OS. Windows 10 Consumer Preview will follow the Technical Preview release next year. And now we have some references to that second build of the operating system. This Technical Preview is primarily aimed at enterprise users (pro users and developers are also invited), but it appears that a lot of consumers have also deployed this first test version in order to see what’s new, and what’s coming. However Microsoft has also bundled in some references to the Consumer Preview release. Apparently it has the same build number as the Technical Preview, the only modification being the watermark text that now reads “Windows Technical Preview for Consumer”. Odd choice of words, but we’ll take it. Obviously, this is nothing major, just a confirmation that Microsoft is indeed working on and preparing a fresh new build of Windows 10 aimed at consumers — chances are that it will be a bit more feature rich too, as a lot of the new options will be at an advanced stage of development...Follow this and other Windows 10 developments on windows8newsinfo forum.


Windows 10 Consumer Preview PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 17 October 2014 06:19

Windows 10 Consumer Preview

Stating the obvious really, but rumors are swirling around that the upcoming Windows 10 Consumer Preview version comes bundled with a new version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 12, as it might be called. This new build of the operating system is expected to go live sometimes in early 2015, but the very first details on this particular flavor of Windows 10 have now started to emerge. The most obvious of these is for a beta version of the company’s new web browser. Microsoft obviously has been completely mum on this, but FaikeeF has it on good authority that IE 12 will be included in the Consumer Preview build of Windows 10. The leaker has so far provided accurate information about upcoming versions of Windows. Previous rumors on the matter have hinted that Redmond is working on a complete refresh of its flagship web browser with Internet Explorer 12, including a completely new look that would allow it to better compete with competitors like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Along with a number of UI changes, Microsoft is also said to be preparing expanded support for extensions in order to enhance the functionality of IE 12...Learn more on our forum.


Halo: Spartan Strike coming to Windows PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 16 October 2014 04:41

Halo: Spartan Strike coming to Windows

Last year, Microsoft introduced the highly popular Halo franchise for Windows Phone and Windows tablets in the form of Halo: Spartan Assault. The game was available in both Windows and Windows Phone Store for $4.99, and received its fair share of success.  Now, Microsoft, in collaboration with 343 Industries, has announced its sequel dubbed as Halo: Spartan Strike. The game is set to launch for Windows Phone, Windows, and Steam on December 14th. 343 Industries producer Fred LaPorte also sat down with IGN to give them a detailed overview of the game, revealing what gamers can expect from the game. The game is set during Halo 2 events, and features plethora of improvements compared to Halo: Spartan Assault. The company stated that Halo: Spartan Strike will come with improved controls to offer users an improved gaming experience. LaPorte also mentioned they've improved grenade throwing mechanism in the latest title, as well as more enhancements, and new enemies. Users can also drive new vehicles, including the warthog. They also removed microtransactions from the game, so you can now purchase new weapons, and special abilities using the in-game credits. Unfortunately, there will no multiplayer in the Halo: Spartan Strike, and will only be a single-player game. Additionally, there will be several achievements during the game -- some will let you earn rewards in the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection, weekly challenges, and more...Learn more on our forum.


Microsoft promises a new Windows 10 preview build PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 05:02

Microsoft promises a new Windows 10 preview build

Yesterday, we learned that the Windows Insider Program has had over one million registrants in just under two weeks. On top of that, over 200,000 pieces of feedback were given to Microsoft from participants of the program. Microsoft revealed this information in an official blog post yesterday, and also revealed that a new build of Windows 10 would be coming soon too. Here is what Microsoft's Joe Belfiore said: "Going forward, he’ll [Gabriel Aul] be the one blogging about the Windows Insider Program and each new build we release to Windows Insiders. A new build should be coming soon too!" Belfiore was referring to Gabriel Aul, who runs the company's Data and Fundamentals Team. His job is to spend time going through all the telemetry data and feedback received from the Insider Program. With that being said, prepare yourself for another Windows 10 Technical Preview build, which is right around the corner. No word on exactly what the next build will feature. Perhaps the next build will feature improvements based on user feedback. Better yet, this new build will be obtainable within the Windows 10 Technical Preview. This means you can head over to PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Preview Builds, and snag yourself the latest build when it becomes available for download. As mentioned before, the Windows Insider Program allows Microsoft to release regular updates to consumers with ease, thanks to feedback generated by participants of the program. This allows participants to do some 'real-world' testing on a new feature or improvement prior to it being rolled out to the general public...To learn more please visit windows8newsinfo forum.


AMD Catalyst 14.9.1 Drivers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Monday, 13 October 2014 13:12

AMD Catalyst 14.9.1 Drivers

AMD released the Catalyst 14.9.1 drivers a few days ago. While the update was of a minor nature, we received several emails from users that mentioned that AMD has solved some serious crashing problems with Crossfire in this update. However, there are still some unresolved issues with crossfire and Mantle API that persist. When I say crossfire, what I actually mean is Quad Crossfire. One of the reasons this update was termed as minor is because, lets face it, how many of us are actually rocking Quad Crossfire rigs? A pretty slim number I would hazard a guess. Ofcourse, since the problems were pretty severe in nature and included the likes of BSOD upon enabling/disabling crossfire, this update would make the difference between life-and-outdated-drivers for Quad GPU Radeon configs. A general issue that this update has also fixed is ‘crashes related to driver installation’. There are still some kinks that need to be ironed out and one of these is a bug in Mantle which does not allow resolution to be changed (you have to switch over to DirectX if you want to change resolutions, then change back to Mantle API). The important bits of the changelog are given below while the full change log (and the download link! ) can be found over at AMD Official...For more and the download link visit our forum.



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