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Game Over For Intel On Android PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 06:07

Game Over For Intel On Android

Undertakings as momentous as this rarely last long. The Intel on Android story may be coming to a halt, with the company reportedly ready to renounce its subsidies for tablet makers. The chip giant, in an effort to popularize its Atom Bay Trail solutions started subsidizing Android tablets for as much as $51 per tablet — which is quite a lot. The idea being helping tablet makers build slates with Intel processors, and the company also offered to pay for extra component costs. Basically, Intel hoped to turn manufacturers away from processors utilizing the ARM architecture, which is used by everyone from Apple and Samsung to Qualcomm and NVIDIA. However, as reported here, overall the chip giant is expected to lose $4 billion on mobile chips this year, and even a company like Intel cannot handle such drastic a burn through its profits. Although Intel has seen steady growth on the Windows tablet front, particularly with Windows 8.1 devices, many of which are now available for under the $100 mark, the company has no choice but to phase out tablet subsidies for Android...Further details can be found on our forum.



When Microsoft merges Windows and Windows Phone with Windows 10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 16 November 2014 05:35

When Microsoft merges Windows and Windows Phone with Windows 10

Windows has modern theme tools which consist of 2 color choices and a background. Windows Phone lets users pick one color and either black or white. Users can also choose to have their tiles be transparent with a picture behind them. The differences become apparent when using different parts of the operating systems. Windows Phone tends to have a lot of black or white with the occasional color accent. Windows has the primary color choice as the major fill and the secondary color choice as the accent. Windows Phone core apps follow a simple black/white background with the accent coloring some text. Windows takes a different approach to app design. Every app in Windows has its own design. For example, the mail app uses blue and white, people uses orange and white/grey, calendar is purple and white. This is very different from the people, email, and calendar apps on Windows Phone which all have a solid black/white background with the accent color scattered throughout the app sparingly. The difference between these two design choices is not only ascetics. How a user chooses to customize their phone or tablet may have an effect on battery life. Since battery life on phones is so crucial, having a solid black background makes sense to save on battery from screen power. Microsoft even warns users who choose a white background that some displays are not made to be power efficient when running the white.What do you prefer? Would you like to see Windows 10 adopt the Windows Phone single color and black or white, or continue with Windows two color and a pattern choice?
When I comes to apps, Windows and Windows Phone differ dramatically. Windows goes for a simple and obvious route of each app is separate, has a specific function, and unique design. Windows Phone has a different approach with their core apps. Email isn't one app by default; instead Microsoft has broken different email account into their own 'separate' but identical apps each with their own email account. Users can combine their inboxes to a single inbox to make checking and managing email easier. Windows 8.1's mail app keeps all the email accounts together but users have to switch between accounts to see different inboxes and folders...For more visit windows8newsinfo forum.



Direct Links For Windows 10 Enterprise PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 14 November 2014 14:50

Direct Links For Windows 10 Enterprise

Well that didn’t take long. If you’re up for some enterprise action, then you can download build 9879 of Windows 10 Enterprise that have officially been made available. The newest version of the preview was launched yesterday, making it the third iteration of the public preview that Microsoft is distributing via their Windows Insider Program. In doing so, the company also very much confirmed that it will be releasing ISO versions of the preview in the future. Not all the time, but we can expect them at regular intervals. However, the software titan has bas released the enterprise SKU of Windows 10 for companies that want to test out the upcoming operating system.Perfect if you want to use the ISO files to perform a clean install of the preview. As discussed here, you can grab Windows 10 build 9879 here in this form, though only after filling out some profile information first. A few different languages are available, including English, English (Great Britain), Chinese (simplified) and Portuguese. We have the links posted on our forum.


Microsoft ends retail sales of Windows 8 PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 06 November 2014 04:00

windows 8

Windows 8 has passed the first milestone on its way to retirement after Microsoft ended retail sales of the operating system. As of 31 October, retailers will no longer be able to order more Windows 8 to sell beyond their existing stock, although it can still be bought installed on a new PC. The operating system went on sale just over two years ago on 26 October 2012, and Microsoft is already shifting emphasis to Windows 10, expected in the middle of next year. No date has yet been set for when sales of Windows 8 via manufacturers will end — and Microsoft has said it will continue to support the operating system until January 2023. Windows 8.1 is still available at retail and no date has been set for the end of sales yet. Windows 8 was a significant departure from the classic Windows look and feel, bringing in a new tiled start screen that met with considerable opposition from businesses worried about having to retrain staff to use the new interface. As such, probably of more significance to business users is the news that some versions of Windows 7 are now no longer available to buy installed on new PCs from manufacturers. Also as of Halloween, Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate are no longer be available to buy installed on PCs, according to Microsoft. In reality, as manufacturers and retailers still have large stocks of Windows 7 PCs, it will be some time before they become scarce. Sales of Windows 7 Professional will continue and Microsoft has said it will give a year's notice of the end of sale date. As the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 is due in January next year, it may mean, as Larry Seltzer argues elsewhere on ZDNet, that Microsoft will end up extending mainstream support for Windows 7...Find out more by visiting our forum.


Internet Explorer Can Now Be Used On Any OS PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 05:15


Internet Explorer is as much as platform for Microsoft as any other solutions that the company has created. So much is the web browser used in the corporate world. And Redmond has announced a new tool just today that works in collaboration with the Azure Remote app. The free service goes by the name of RemoteIE, and allows you to the run the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Windows 10 Technical Preview on any device. Anything from OS X, iOS to Android. All without the need of a virtual machine. You might be wondering, why all the trouble? The hassle? The reason? Well, Microsoft wants to make it easier for developers to build content for the latest version of its web flagship web browser, no matter the choice of the operating system. If you’re on Windows 7, you can take the newest version of Internet Explorer for a spin. If you’re an app developer or website designer, and want to check for compatibility, you can simple use the RemoteIE tool to test using the browser, without have to set up and run a virtual machine. And it saves iPad and Android tablet developers the trouble to by additional hardware or software. Excellent solution all round. The app uses the Windows Server Remote Desktop Service infrastructure, in combination with Microsoft’s Azure platform to stream content to your local device. This is primarily for developers in mind, so the performance will not be peak, but hey, you already know that by now, right? Turn to windows8newsinfo forum for all your windows news.


US spies on mobile phones from the sky PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 15 November 2014 06:40

US spies on mobile phones from the sky

Small aircraft deployed by the US Marshals Service from at least five major airports have been taking to the skies with "dirtbox" equipment designed to mimic signals from cell towers, according to The Wall Street Journal. That in turn tricks mobile phones into revealing unique identifying numbers and general locations, according to the report on Thursday. The name "dirtbox" was said to be derived from an acronym of Digital Recovery Technology Inc, the Boeing subsidiary that makes the device. The range of aircraft in the program covers most of the US population, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the operation. Details of flights were not given, but they were said to take place regularly, with each outing potentially gathering data from tens of thousands of mobile phones. The WSJ reported that the US Justice Department declined to comment for the story, other than to say that its agencies comply with the law when it comes to surveillance. Mobile phones are programmed to connect with the closest signal tower, but they trust signals from towers or imposters when it comes to making decisions, hackers have demonstrated. Boxes in planes could automatically assure mobile phones that they are the optimal signal tower, then accept identifying information from handsets seeking connections. Fake cell towers could then pass connections on to real signal towers, remaining as a conduit with the ability to tune into or block digital transmissions...For the complete story you need to visit windows8newsinfo forum.


Halo 5 Beta's multiplayer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 05:21

Halo 5 Beta's multiplayer

Halo 5: Guardians is the upcoming installation to the Halo video game franchise. You have probably at least heard of the series, it's a first person shooter beloved for its game mechanics and quality story. It is currently in a Beta preview and undergoing testing at 343 Industries, the studio that took over the Halo games after Bungie moved on (to Destiny). They have been under some criticism by fans, who think they are making the experience more like Call of Duty, but the developers are under pressure to embrace some of the newer First Person Shooter mechanics as well as leave their own mark on the series (Bungie is legendary). And now there have been leaks of the multiplayer gameplay, including some images and a very brief gameplay video. At this time, rumors are running crazy, but a designer at 343 has revealed that there will be "no penalty to hip fire in H5, no movement penalty when scoping/zooming, no flinch." There does seem to be indication of Halo going back to arena-styled maps (and map-control focused competition) and gameplay that hard-core Halo fans will remember, while still embracing a few aspects of the modern shooter (such as visual cues, and sprinting)."From the main menu, we could select from three maps each offering three different game modes. Standard team death match or Team Slayer, as its known in the Halo universe, set us down in a Covenant-looking and circular arena with a central bridge leading to a beam sword. Limited power weapons waited in the outer reaches. This map focused the group of eight Spartans we had into head-to-head battles with assault rifles, DMR rifles, and Halo’s ever-popular pistol. Using the Smart Scope with the DMR meant headshots, and lots of them, though return fire now brings players back out of the scope as it did in previous Halo games...Turn to windows8newsinfo forum for more screenshots and a short video.


Login Screen Customization Options PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 05:23

Login Screen Customization Options

Some more user requests for Windows 10 are coming in. And the public demand, this time, is for more customization options, a little more personalization for the login screen. Yes, one of the most important section of the operating system. Microsoft is gathering feedback for its upcoming OS using a number of platforms, in order to ensure that users are able to send their input to the company in order to improve the final version of Windows 10. And the company has received a lot of good feedback. Majority of the users, however, want Redmond to implement more customization options. As this page shows, one of the most requested of features is the possibility of personalizing the login screen in Windows 10. This submission already has well over 9,000 votes of User Voice. This was a feature that was implemented in Windows 7 via third-party solutions. And one can hope that even if Microsoft does not implement such a feature in the new OS, there is a chance that some alternate third-party applications could allow users to change the login screen, including wallpapers and other such options. But for that to happen, the company will have to provide application makers with a little more freedom, similar to how small registry hacks made possible in Windows 7. Let’s see what Microsoft has to say on this. It is a simple request, after all...Does your interest in Windows 10 continue growing and you have a hunger for more? Tune into windows8newsinfo forum as we continue following the ever expanding list of features leading up to the release of this most anticipated iteration of Windows.


China Wants To Remove Windows PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 13:26

China Wants To Remove Windows

I guess all the roads these past few months lead to this one reality. The Chinese government has outlined plans to remove Windows from all government computers. Instead, the country wants to focus on a locally developed operating system — development on this Linux based variant is already underway. All this is not new, of course. We’ve been hearing all sorts of reports on this since the start of this year. Long story short, Microsoft’s trouble in China has taken another turn for the worse, as a local IT expert that has strong ties with the government is asking local authorities to remove all traces of Windows from their PCs urgently. A state controlled newspaper is quoting Ni Guangnan, of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as saying that the Chinese government has put in motion plans to step away from Microsoft software due to security and privacy concerns. And not just Microsoft software, but all Microsoft products including hardware devices. Worse yet, the Chinese government is forcing all state owned organizations to move away from Microsoft software at once, and plan their strategy of deploying the custom new operating system once it is ready for release. Redmond has, up until now, expressed surprise at the Chinese government’s decision and privacy concerns, and the company is working with the local authorities to address these claims. Obviously, recent incidents like the raiding of Microsoft offices in the country did nothing to help ease the concerns, and the software titan is currently undergoing an antitrust investigation, after a number of documents were confiscated for use in the probe...You can follow these developments and more on our forum.




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