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China Warns Microsoft PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 08:08

china warns microsoft

Chinese regulators on Monday publicly warned  Microsoft Corp. against obstructing an antitrust investigation into the firm, in the latest sign that Beijing has turned frosty on the U.S. software maker. China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce said in a statement that Microsoft should avoid "interfering in or obstructing" the probe. The regulator also said it had questioned Microsoft Deputy General Counsel Mary Snapp as part of the investigation.  About 100 SAIC investigators raided Microsoft's offices last week in four Chinese cities. The agency said Microsoft hadn't disclosed relevant information about some security features and how it ties its software products together. A Microsoft spokeswoman in Beijing declined to comment Monday. The company previously said its business practices in China were designed to comply with Chinese law, and has pledged to cooperate with the probe. The SAIC also said Monday that Microsoft had promised to abide by the law and cooperate...There is more here than meets the eye, find out at windows8newsinfo forum.


Gas Stations In Space PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 04 August 2014 08:28

Gas Stations In Space

NASA scientists have proposed a new technology that would park a robotic space station in space. Those satellites currently floating in Earth’s orbit don’t power themselves, you know. The galactic Chevron would be used to service the thousands of satellites currently circling our home planet—these are the same satellites being used to ensure you are fed an uninterrupted feed of Orange County Housewives. With no way to refuel currently, satellites are often “retired” because they’re no longer useful. NASA’s new idea, however, could ensure these expensive machines live out many more productive years of life. That means, of course, less unused junkers littering the darkening orbit of Earth. “NASA hopes to add precious years of functional life to satellites and expand options for operators who face unexpected emergencies, tougher economic demand and aging fleets,” said NASA’s Bob Granath. But what happens when the gas station runs out of gas?  The easiest way to learn more is visit our forum.


You now have legal permission to unlock your phone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 02 August 2014 19:19

You now have legal permission to unlock your phone

President Obama is set to sign into law the "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act," which allows consumers take their mobile phone to the carrier that best suits their needs by unlocking the device. In other words, it is now legal to unlock your smartphone. Typically, phones are tethered to one particular network. If you leave that company, you wouldn't be able to use that phone anymore. If you happen to travel to another country and try to use another network' service on your smartphone, you would be out of luck. This is because the smartphone was locked. Beginning today, it is now legal to unlock your smartphone, so you can use it on any network that supports it. You are required to have complied with your contract and your phone must be capable of being unlocked. "Today, President Obama will sign into law the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, and in doing so, will achieve a rare trifecta...You can find this at windows8newsinfo forum.


U.S. judge orders Microsoft to submit customer's emails PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Friday, 01 August 2014 06:00

U.S. judge orders Microsoft to submit customer's emails

Microsoft Corp must turn over a customer's emails stored in a data center in Ireland to the U.S. government, a U.S. judge ruled on Thursday in a case that has drawn concern from privacy groups and major technology companies. Microsoft and other U.S. companies had challenged a criminal search warrant for the emails, arguing federal prosecutors cannot seize customer information held in foreign countries. But following a two-hour court hearing in New York, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska said the warrant lawfully required the company to hand over any data it controlled, regardless of where it was stored. "It is a question of control, not a question of the location of that information," Preska said. The judge said she would temporarily suspend her order from taking effect to allow Microsoft to appeal to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The case appears to be the first in which a corporation has challenged a U.S. search warrant seeking data held abroad...Further information can be found at windows8newsinfo forum.


'Fake ID' flaw in Android PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 31 July 2014 03:12

'Fake ID' flaw in Android

The Fake ID flaw was part of Android from version 2.1 to 4.4. Millions of people using Android devices could be left open to attack from malicious apps that appear to come from legitimate developers, due to a flaw in Google's mobile software. The flaw has been named "Fake ID" by security company Bluebox Labs, which discovered it. However, Google says it has already issued a patch to protect Android users from attacks exploiting the flaw. Fake ID has been resident in Android from version 2.1 to 4.4, although it was fixed in April as part of the latest update, Android KitKat. Millions of devices could still be at risk, though, as Google's own figures show that 82.1% of Android users are running an older version. In a blog post published today, Bluebox explained that the problem lies in how app security is checked on Android, with each app given its own cryptographic signature determining who can update it, and what privileges it has on a device. To get these signatures, apps are signed using “identity certificates”...Get better informed by visiting windows8newsinfo forum.


NASA Telescope Observes Signal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 03 August 2014 07:57

 NASA Telescope Observes Signal

NASA researchers have stumbled upon a signal in the Perseus Cluster—one of the most massive known objects in the universe—that they say can’t be explained by known physics. Using the Chandra X-ray Observatory, scientists were observing 17 day’s worth of data when the mystery popped up. “It was a great surprise,” said Esra Bulbul of the Harvard Center for Astrophysics. “I couldn’t believe my eyes.” The Perseus Cluster is described as a huge cluster of galaxies immersed in an “atmosphere” of superheated plasma. “Imagine a cloud of gas in which each atom is a whole galaxy—that’s a bit what the Perseus cluster is like,” NASA says. So, in other words, incredibly, unfathomably large. The cluster’s atmosphere is filled with ions, all of which produce a line in the X-ray spectrum, which can be mapped using the Chandra. According to Bulbul, when observing Chandra’s data, an unexpected line appeared at 3.56 keV (kilo-electron volts), “which does not correspond to any known atomic transition.” So what does Bulbul’s finding mean? Since the spectral line doesn’t come from a known type of matter, researchers are beginning to suspect it might be dark matter....Turn to our forum to learn more.


USB security flaw PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 01 August 2014 06:07

 USB security flaw

A pair of security researchers from SR Labs have uncovered a fundamental flaw in the way USB devices work. It affects every single USB device out there and worst yet, there's no line of defense short of prohibiting USB stick sharing or filling your USB ports with superglue. The flaw that security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell plan to present next week at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas runs deeper than simply loading a USB drive with malware. Instead, it's built into the core of how the technology works. After spending several months reverse engineering the firmware that handles the basic communications functions of USB devices, they were able to reprogram the firmware to hide malicious code. This firmware is present on every USB device within the controller chip - the component that facilitates communication between the USB device and the computer it's plugged in to. By loading malicious code on the firmware, it's essentially hidden from sight...You are cordially invited to visit our forum to learn more.


Tor Network Hacked PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 31 July 2014 03:18

Tor Network Hacked

The Tor anonymous encryption service offers internet users a way to surf the web with anonymity and prides itself on the level of security it offers. Well it looks as though the network was compromised earlier this year along with some user data, according to a recent Tor developer blog post. It also said that those who used Tor between early February and July 4th of this year "should assume" they have been in some way affected by the attack. The group goes on to say that the unknown attackers were able to gather information regarding hidden sites users were visiting (like Silk Road for example) and that there may well have been other parts of the network that were compromised as well. Tor also said "they "likely were not able to see any application-level traffic (e.g. what pages were loaded or even whether users visited the hidden service they looked up)." Tor suspects the attackers used two methods to gain access, the first of which is known as traffic confirmation which sees the attackers examining Tor traffic relays matching them with others to identify traffic routines...Learn more on our forum.


China regulator announces anti-monopoly probe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 July 2014 08:42

China regulator announces anti-monopoly probe

A Chinese regulator said on Tuesday it is conducting an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft Corp over its Windows operating system, in the latest in a growing number of competition probes that have unnerved Western firms in China. China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) was also investigating a Microsoft vice president and senior managers, and had made copies of the firm's financial statements and contracts, the agency said on its website. It said Microsoft, which has struggled to make inroads in China due to rampant piracy, had not fully disclosed information about Windows and its Office software suite. Microsoft is one of the biggest U.S. companies to fall under the eye of Chinese regulators as they ramp up their oversight in an apparent attempt to protect local companies and customers. The investigation comes as U.S.-China business relations have been severely strained by wrangles over data privacy. The SAIC said it had obtained documents, e-mails and other data from Microsoft's computers and servers...For more you will need to visit windows8newsinfo forum.



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