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Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 00:16

windows 8.1 phone preview

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 during its BUILD developer conference earlier this month, and we can’t wait to check it out. At first, it was a little unclear as to when the company planned to release the update for developers. First Microsoft said it should hit sometime this week, then rumors suggested April 14 was the launch date, and then Microsoft just said early April. Now, the company’s Windows Phone lead Joe Belfiore has clarified a bit more on Twitter. “Yowza, you’re going nuts [for] WP8.1 dev preview,” he tweeted on Thursday. “Everyone relax thru weekend, check in early next week. Enjoy Win8.1 update, write apps!” The latter part of that tweet is suggesting folks play with Windows 8.1 to tide them over for the mobile release, and the former part suggests that Microsoft is indeed going to push out the update early next week — perhaps on April 14 as earlier reports suggested. There’s a lot to be excited for. Windows Phone 8.1 finally adds a proper notification shade...Follow these developments at windows8newsinfo forum.


Facebook Warned About Privacy Concerns PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 00:08

privacy threat

Facebook has been warned about protecting customer privacy should its planned aquisition of WhatsApp get regulatory approval. The director of the USA's Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection, Jessica Rich noted that WhatsApp has made clear privacy promises to consumers, and that both companies have told consumers that after any acquisition, WhatsApp will continue its current privacy practices. "We want to make clear that, regardless of the acquisition, WhatsApp must continue to honor these promises to consumers. Further, if the acquisition is completed and WhatsApp fails to honor these promises, both companies could be in violation of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act and, potentially, the FTC's order against Facebook," the letter states. In 2011, Facebook settled FTC charges that it deceived consumers by failing to keep its privacy promises. Under the terms of the FTC's order against the company...Follow along on our forum.


Lost Administrator Rights in Windows 8.1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Friday, 11 April 2014 07:42

lost rights

Since last month, I have come across many users who have lost administrator rights on their Windows 8 PCs and thus they were not able to manipulate their system or make changes to it. One common thing I found regarding the issue is that the users who have lost their administrator rights, have only a single account on their system, which was of course the administrator account. As a result of losing the admin rights, you may have issues in using Windows Apps, making new or modifying Windows configuration settings in Control Panel, using Snap-ins and several other problems on your system. It then becomes imperative for us to get the administrator privileges back anyhow if we want to run the system without road-blocks. But how do you get back these privileges since for every operation you have to carry out, requires the administrative rights itself, which we have lost unfortunately. While performing a Refresh or Reset will fix the problem, you may want to try out our suggestion first and see if it helps you...To learn how to fix this situation visit our forum.


Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00
uninstall windows 8.1
Downloaded and installed Windows 8.1 Update? Liking it? Loving it? However if you, for some reason, want to uninstall this feature pack for Microsoft’s operating system there are a couple of ways to go about it. You might not be entirely satisfied with it, or it might be incompatible with some of your current software. Or maybe you are getting some errors with your particular hardware configuration. Anyway, uninstallation is not the easiest of tasks, due to the fact that Windows 8.1 Update does not show up in the “Uninstall a program” section of the operating system. But the process is pretty straightforward, otherwise. Before we get to the nuts and bolts, do keep in mind that this is a mandatory update for everyone running Windows 8.1 — meaning it is required if you want to continue receiving updates. Windows 8 users, however, have nothing to fear. They will continue receiving updates and security patches for the foreseeable future, even if they have not installed Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Update. Oh, the perks of staying on older platforms!  If you run into this situation we will show you what to uninstall and exactly how to do it at windows8newsinfo forum.
Windows 8.1 Update 1 Power User guide PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 06:04

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Power User guide

Microsoft unveiled the next big update to Windows 8.1, called Update 1, and is set to go live tomorrow, April 8th, via Windows Update. However, you can get a head start on learning about the new features by downloading the official Power User guide for Windows 8.1 Update 1. "This 20 pages brochure-type guide is designed for end-users who want to learn more about the advanced features of Windows 8.1, such as Taskbar customization, Task Manager, Internet Explorer 11, Mobility Center, Windows To Go, Miracast, OneDrive for Business, and File Explorer. Power users will enjoy learning about how they can get the most out of their Windows 8.1 devices," Microsoft stated. In the guide, Microsoft offers pointers for non-touch users, offering tips on how to access key areas of the operating system using your mouse and keyboard. The devices and services giant also showcases new shortcuts on how to maneuver around Windows 8.1 Update 1...Find more content and the download link on our forum.


Xbox One’s ESRAM PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 07 April 2014 15:11

Xbox One’s ESRAM

It is quite well known that Microsoft’s latest video game console is suffering with resolution-gate issue. Developers are facing adversities in reaching 1080p/60FPS with Xbox One during development of new next-gen games. A number of next-gen games that have already been released are performing better on PlayStation 4 than on Xbox One. Because of these issues, more and more gamers are expressing their frustrations. To buff the misunderstandings and clarify the true potential and effectiveness of Xbox One’s ESRAM, Xbox One Team Partner Development Lead Frank Savage tried to explain how useful Xbox One’s ESRAM can prove to be when console bandwidth has really started to matter. During a livestream presentation at Build, Savage explained how beneficial Xbox One’s ESRAM can be to developers to help reach 60FPS at native 1080p resolution during next-gen games’ development. The presentation was titled “Understanding the Xbox One Game Platform Built on Windows.”  Gain more knowledge about ESRAM at windows8newsinfo forum.


Microsoft Paid for intellectual property PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 06 April 2014 02:12

wearable technology

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it had acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion, and it turns out that this isn’t the only recent piece of M&A in the category of head-mounted wearable computing. Microsoft, we have discovered, has paid up to $150 million to buy IP assets related to augmented reality, head-borne computers, and related items from the Osterhout Design Group, a low-profile company that develops wearable computing devices and other gadgets, these days primarily for the military and other government organizations. As you might remember, we first broke the news that Microsoft was looking at acquiring ODG, or part of its assets, in September 2013, at a price tag of up to $200 million, depending on what went into the deal. Here’s what ended up happening: Microsoft was indeed in discussions with the company, and as we reported, the conversations were focused around whether Microsoft would try to buy the whole company outright or just intellectual property. Ultimately, it worked out to be the latter, for a price that TechCrunch understands is between $100 million and $150 million...You can find more about this purchase at windows8newsinfo forum.


Microsoft Invites Public to View Historic Atari Landfill Excavation PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 11 April 2014 07:48

Microsoft Invites Public to View Historic Atari Landfill Excavation

You may recall our reporting on the Atari documentary which is being exclusively produced by Microsoft for the Xbox.  The documentary team ran afoul of the New Mexico state government which put the planned excavation on hold.  But these issues how now been cleared up and the public is invited to see the dig. An Xbox original documentary series is telling the story behind Atari’s alleged burial of millions of unsold “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” game cartridges in a small town in New Mexico three decades ago. An excavation to find those games will be carried out April 26, and if you’re there for it, you may be interviewed for the film. Spectators are invited to watch the unearthing to see whether the burial is urban legend or fact. The story goes that in 1983, Atari, faced with overwhelmingly negative response to the game, buried those cartridges in the Alamogordo Landfill in the middle of the night. Xbox Entertainment Studios is producing the documentary series with two-time Academy Award-winning producer Simon Chinn...Complete details are posted at windows8newsinfo forum.


Massive Open Source Internet Security Flaw PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:29


News began circulating yesterday about a flaw in OpenSSL that impacts about two thirds of the Internet's web sites. The bug, nicknamed Heartbleed, has actually been around for two years, but has just recently hit the spotlight due to increased awareness of security issues from high profile cases. Originally identified by a team of independent security engineers at Codenomicon and Google, several companies are racing to overcome the bug, including Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, and Amazon. OpenSSL is an SSL/TLS toolkit that includes cryptographic libraries and is the basis of open source PKI development. It's estimated that 2 out of every 3 SSL certificates are issued using OpenSSL. Thieves exploiting the bug can steal private user information including passwords, healthcare data, and banking information, all without the user's knowledge. SSL/TLS provides secure communications and privacy for the Internet, email, instant messaging, and VPNs. And, since the bug is 2 years old, it's hard to estimate how many users have already been impacted...As you may have guessed we have more on our forum.


Windows XP End of Life has Arrived PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 15:06

windows xp end of life

The countdown clock has stopped. Microsoft ends Windows XP support today, having already pushed the last bunch of Updates. If you have not yet updated your computer yet, you might want to update your Windows XP one last time! So what does Windows XP End of Life mean? It will definitely not be the end of the world – it could even remind many of the Y2K bug issue. Nothing drastic will be happening! But what will remain a fact is that there will be no security patches being issued for it by Microsoft, and the operating system will be for all practical purposes dead in the water! Microsoft has however confirmed that its activation servers will continue to be online and you will always be able to activate Windows XP again in future. You will also always be able to download the released updates for Windows XP in future tooMalware writers and hackers have already stocked up for the offensive, if reports are to be believed, and are expected to unleash their weapons or malware, as Windows XP will now carry a Zero-day vulnerability in perpetuity...For more on this end of life support turn to our forum.


Windows Phone 8.1 will get two GDR updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 05:46
windows phone 8.1 gdr
Microsoft unveiled their latest Windows Phone 8.1 at the annual Build 2014 conference in San Francisco. The update is expected to hit existing Windows Phone devices in the coming months and Nokia confirmed it will reach all Lumia devices as well, starting with the Lumia 1520.  Now, a new report claims Microsoft will push two updates to the OS later this year. The folks at WPCentral report that Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 and GDR2 are already on the roadmap for this year, with a third update to roll out in early 2015 before Microsoft unveils its next-generation mobile operating system known as "Threshold" which was revealed by the well-connected Mary Jo Foley a few months back.  There's no word about the list of features both updates will bring to the table. It could be the highly rumored 3D Touch feature expected to see the light of the day with the alleged Nokia Goldfinger -- there's no word about its launch, but WPCentral notes it might be early 2015...Read more on our forum.
Americans Quick to Ditch Wearables PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Monday, 07 April 2014 15:05


Are wearables all they’re cracked up to be? As convenient as a smartwatch is for providing alerts, or a fitness band for keeping us in the loop on how far we’ve walked, do we really want to wear these devices? Some are bulky, some have poor battery life, some make us itch — and eventually, most Americans just stop wearing the wearables they’ve purchased. At least, according to a new study published by Endeavour Partners. The study found that one in ten Americans over the age of 18 have purchased a wearable device. That’s a really low figure, and it shows the potential growth as companies create new products to tap into the market. But there’s a problem with people actively using them for the long term, Endeavour Partners concluded. In fact, the firm said that “more than half of U.S. cosnumers who have owned a modern activity tracker no longer use it.” That’s an incredible statistic. Why did consumers ditch their wearable? Was it irritating? Did it fail to live up to the hype? We have more posted on our forum.


Microsoft updates criteria for classifying Adware PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 06 April 2014 02:05


Most computer users find Adware frustrating to the core since it undermines your authority. It installs on your system and then intrudes on your privacy without permission! Microsoft has planned to take stern action against this act.  It has updated its objective criteria laying down strict conditions for programs to be qualified as no-adware for installation on the OS. Programs that do not follow these rules will be classified as adware and dumped following user’s consent. The decision comes in the wake of the incidents leading to downloading of potentially unwanted software or PUPs. Many programs use advertising as a form of payment for the program, a norm generally acceptable unless the process starts interfering with customer’s Windows experience. To this end, programs serving reminders and promoting goods and services of brands other than them will be viewed as suspicious and labelled adware – not adhering to the objective criteria rules...Turn to our forum to learn more.



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