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Enterprise Data Protection in Windows 10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 04:45

Enterprise Data Protection in Windows 10

Companies are encouraging a single device for both organizational and personal use. It could be Bring your Own Device (BYOD), or the companies providing devices for both personal and enterprise use. Between the two, users of these devices will tend to store both enterprise data and personal data on same device. Besides this, there are company apps, company approved apps, as well as personal apps that the user might download for his or her own use and entertainment. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential that enterprises manage their data and apps securely without spoiling the user experience for the employees. Too many security restrictions, preventing users from downloading apps for personal use, may turn off the employee. Windows 10 offers a way that keeps both admins and employees happy. This article checks out Enterprise Data Protection in Windows 10. This is the name for the module that protects enterprise data against unintended or malicious use. The first thing here is proper encryption, so that even if the data is leaked or compromised, the data remains safe as others cannot decode it. The EDP module identifies enterprise and personal apps and lets the employees use them both at the same time without messing up. The EDP module allows for simultaneous display of both personal as well enterprise apps on the same screen. Eg. the Outlook app for checking personal mail as well as company mail. Employee experience will be enhanced, as they will not have to switch between enterprise and personal logins. If a personal document is marked as corporate, due to an error, the employee can initiate a process to claim it back (using the Audit method). Corporate data is protected even on employee-owned devices. If an employee marks a new document as being work related, it is automatically protected as enterprise data. When employees leave the organization or move to another department, you can remotely wipe off all the traces of corporate data on his or her device – without affecting their personal data. This makes sure that they cannot misuse enterprise data...Learn more on our forum.


Windows 10 build 10074 ISO PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 30 April 2015 05:42

Windows 10 build 10074 ISO

Microsoft has made available Windows 10 build 10074 for participants of the Windows Insider Program. We brought you an exclusive first-look at this build yesterday, and now you can get your hands on it too. Build 10074 features improvements to Cortana, the user interface, new Windows sounds, and much more. Oh, and the return of Aero Glass! "ISO files of the April Update (build 10074) are now available for download. You'll still receive this update automatically via Windows Update, but if you prefer a clean install or you want to install on a virtual machine, you can download an ISO file instead." So how do you download it? You can also head over to Windows Update and download the new build, regardless if you are a fast or slow ring participant. If you'd rather have more control over your installation, you can snag the ISO instead. You can also watch our video walk-through of the new build below. I realize this posting is short, but Please direct your attention to windows8newsinfo forum to download this latest iteration of Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10074.


Can't open Win32 apps from the Start Menu PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 25 April 2015 18:07

Can't open Win32 apps from the Start Menu

As I tested out the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061 for the first time, I noticed a slight problem. When I tried to open Windows applications (Win32) like Microsoft Office, which I use a lot, it simply would not open. The first couple times I thought it was something wrong with my PC or I was missing something, so I tried to open other Win32 desktop apps, to no avail. So I tried the newer apps that came out with Windows 10, like Mail and Calendar and they opened up just fine. So I started to wonder what was going on until I read up on the write-up by Gabe Aul on Windows 10 build 10061. Aul details new improvements and features, and finally I get to the part where there are know issues and bugs. I stopped dead in my tracks. Saying that the inability to launch Win32 applications from the Start menu "is a bit painful" is an understatement. I use many Win32 applications (not all of them daily), so I can't imagine pinning every one I use to the Taskbar. I don't think I have enough room and I have an enough of a hard time trying to find Win32 applications by icons alone. It would be nice to just open the Start menu and open the application I want to use with no problems. So, it looks like for now, I will have to wait until the next build or until an update releases to fit the issue. It's not "painful," it's a very annoying pain in the ass. For now, I will just have to deal with it like everyone else, and I have to keep in mind that I am just using a preview build. So for now, at least, I will have to allow this known bug to drive me insane...This shows that things can go wrong when using a Preview Version on any new program...Stay up to date for fix to different Windows 10 issues at windows8newsinfo forum.


Chuwi Vi10 is a 10.6 inch Windows/Android dual-OS tablet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 21 April 2015 04:13
Chuwi Vi10 is a 10.6 inch
Dual-boot tablets that can run Windows and Android software seem to be all the rage in China these days. But the Chuwi Vi10 manages to stand out from an increasingly crowded field thanks to a few special features, including two full-sized USB ports, a detachable keyboard dock, and a 10.6 inch display. The tablet should be available in China soon for 799 Yuan (about $129 dollars), or 899 Yuan ($145) with a leather keyboard case. The Chuwi vi10 runs Windows 8.1 and Google Android 4.4, although Chuwi says an Android 5.0 update is on the way. It’s powered by an Intel Atom Z3736F Bay Trail processor and features 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. There’s a microSD card slot for up to 128GB of removable storage, an HDMI port, micro USB port, and and 8000 mAh battery. While the dual full-sized USB ports might not be all that important for a tablet that runs Google Android, they could certainly come in handy when you’re using Windows. Want to connect a printer, external hard drive, or other peripherals? You don’t have to unplug one device to connect another (or use a micro USB to USB adapter). After spending some time with the Cube i6 Air 3G, I have to say I’m not entirely sold on the utility of dual-boot tablets (I promise to get around to writing a more detailed review one of these days). I rarely find myself going through the trouble of rebooting to switch operating systems. But since Microsoft is giving away free Windows licenses to makers of small tablets, I suppose it doesn’t cost anything extra to include two operating systems instead of one: so if you don’t mind giving up some of your precious built-in storage space to an extra OS, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have the option of dual booting...Turn to our forum for more on this dual-boot device.
ROG GR6 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 19 April 2015 16:58
Splitting the gap between consoles and custom built rigs lies the ROG GR6. PC Gaming has become a mainstream contender with the adoption of tools like Steam and Origin which make gaming easy and fast. Now that gaming software has been refined to the point where PCs can be operated as easily as consoles, hardware makers have been jumping on the trend with slick compact gaming PCs. ASUS’s PC gaming division, Republic of Gamers (ROG), has announced the ROG GR6 ultra-compact desktop. The ROG GR6 may sound like the name of an international treaty, but in fact is a compact Window PC designed with gamers in mind. Simplicity and ease of use were the driving factors behind the design of this computer which is evident by its compact form factor and the pre-installed software. Typically, bloatware is an issue for most PC users, but ASUS aims to make gamers happy by pre-installing Steam on the ROG GR6 to get gamers up and gaming faster. The PC also comes with one year of Kaspersky Anti-Virus to keep gamers safe from viruses and malware. While this all sounds great, ASUS is competing against two very different types of customers. On one hand gamers looking for a no-nonsense gaming solution would be drawn to consoles like the Xbox One or PS4. On the other end of the spectrum sits custom built PCs which are becoming more and more popular. ASUS needs to make the ROG GR6 both streamlined and simple while keeping costs down even though they are using the latest hardware. Even though this PC comes in a small box, the hardware truly packs a punch running 5th gen Intel Core i5, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. While these are not the absolute best in desktop hardware, they are pretty high up on the scale. ASUS also goes into extreme detail when describing the fine tuning which they did to deliver amazing audio and heat dissipation in such a lean box...Learn more and view more and larger images point to windows8newsinfo forum.
Microsoft's Edge browser PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 30 April 2015 05:26

Microsoft's Edge browser

Earlier today, Microsoft announced Microsoft Edge, a brand new browser for Windows 10. Previously known as Project Spartan, Edge lets you write directly on web pages and share them, read online articles without distractions, and use offline reading for greater convenience. So what makes Edge so special? Microsoft's new browser will be the only internet browser with a personal assistant built-in. Cortana will help you get more done on the web, helping you find what you need as you surf the internet. For example, curious about the particular web page you are on or need more information on a topic? Just right click and Ask Cortana! Edge also features distraction-free offline reading, as well as built-in note taking and sharing. Gone are the old boring days of just surfing the internet -- now you can immediately get help or look up a topic, all while browsing the internet. Not sure what a particular word means on a website? Just ask Cortana and find out without having to leave that page. Edge was built for Windows 10, on the new Universal App platform for phones, tablets, and desktops. Microsoft plans to update Edge frequently, along with Windows 10, placing greater emphasis on ensuring you have the latest, most secure browser. Edge is free from legacy IE extensibility points like ActiveX, toolbars, and browser helper objects. Edge is also built on top of modern security protections, such as 64-bit architecture, AppContainer, and Enhanced Protected Mode, ensuring you have a secure and safe browsing experience. If necessary, you can launch Internet Explorer for backwards compatibility for websites that need it. Edge also takes advantage of "Project Westminster" which allows you to publish your website to the Windows Store, allowing you to call native Universal APIs from JavaScript directly from your website. You can mix in native code, and make it accessible from the website. This brings a whole new meaning to Web Apps...Follow Build 2015 and all developments around Windows 10 and its components at windows8newsinfo forum.


Microsoft Tackles Malware With Windows 10 Device Guard PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 23 April 2015 03:49
Windows 10 Device Guard
When it comes to computing security, the software titan has come a long way from the wild days of the late 90s. With Windows 10 Device Guard, the company is taking things one step further. This is a new feature specifically aimed at organizations and enterprises. And it joins new additions like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, which were announced recently. The company highlighted this new feature in a blog post, explaining how Device Guard gives organizations full control over the apps that are allowed to be installed on a Windows 10 machine. It not only provides advanced malware protection against new (and even unknown) malware variants, it blocks all zero-day threats against Windows 10. This is accomplished by not allowing the launching of applications on a Windows 10 device, other than the ones that are permitted. Device Guard can be configured to work with apps signed by the Windows Store, or prominent vendors, or those that are developed by a company itself. More so, this new feature also works in tandem with antivirus software. Antivirus programs can continue to block macros and other forms of malware, while Device Guard takes care of restricting applications that are not allowed in an organization. Versatility. As Microsoft gets deeper in the security business, it will be interesting how well "Device Guard" will work...Follow this and more at windowsnewsinfo forum.
DirectX 12 API Launching in July 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Monday, 20 April 2015 03:57
DirectX 12
Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system has the eyes of pretty much the entire PC world on it. From tech geeks who are awaiting the shiniest update to the OS lineup to hardware enthusiasts who are anxiously awaiting the bundled low level API, Windows 10 couldn’t come soon enough. AMD, in their conference call let slip that the probably launch window for Windows 10 (pardon the pun) is the month of July. The launch of Windows 10 would be a pretty big moment for the Industry. For enthusiasts like me, it will be because of the included DX12 API and the support of feature level sets such as 12_0. Low level access to GPUs is something that should have been here long ago, but hey, later is better than never. At AMD’s recent earnings call, the CEO of the silicon giant let slip that they are expecting the OS to launch by late July. Of course, just because the API has launched doesn’t mean there will be game support from the get go. While there will be multiple titles that support the new DirectX12 (if Microsoft is to be believed) and Unreal Engine 4 is already in early access to fully understand and exploit the new API, the industry wouldn’t truly pick up till later this year. The presence of launch day games mean we should be able to thoroughly judge the API and view (hopefully) unbiased results instead of relying on company benches. By holiday season however, we should have a very wide variety of DX12 games.  DX12 is probably one of the most important features of Windows 10 (if not the most important), primarily because a successful launch of the same will also ensure much needed migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, something that Microsoft now desperately needs. If Microsoft is able to successfully shift its user base from Windows 7 to Windows 10, that would be something of a win for the company, considering so far the enthusiasts have mostly rejected Windows 8 and 8.1...Turn to windows8newsinfo forum for more.
GOM Remote PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 18 April 2015 17:28
GOM Remote
GOM Player is a widely used media player, which happens to be available for Windows. It is another popular alternative to Windows Media Player, just like VLC Media Player. If you are using GOM Player on your Windows PC and would like to remote control GOM player right from your Android or iOS mobile device, you can do so using GOM Remote. GOM Remote can assist users in operating the GOM Player installed on Windows PC, from an Android or iOS mobile device. This implies you need to have GOM Player installed on your Windows, and GOM Remote installed on your Android or iOS mobile device and GOM Tray on your Windows PC. All these are available free of cost. At the same time, you can also control GOM Audio, with this setup. If you are already using GOM Media Player on your Windows PC, you just need to just download GOM Remote on your Android or iOS mobile device and GOM Tray on your Windows PC. GOM Remote for Android is available for Android 2.2 or later version and GOM Remote for iOS is available for iOS 4.3 or later version. GOM Tray is available for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP. After downloading and installing GOM Remote as well as GOM Tray, open them on the corresponding platform. These apps work on Wi-Fi and you need to be connected via the same Wi-Fi network...Further instructions, images and of course download links are posted on our forum.

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