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Windows 7 End Of Sales PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 25 September 2014 08:15

Windows 7

The world’s most popular operating system is approaching its day of reckoning! Windows 7 end of sales date had been set for next month, and Microsoft plans to stay firm on it. What this means is that the company will stop providing OEMs with copies of Windows 7 on October 31. However this deadlines does not affect Windows 7 Professional — only Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate will no longer be preinstalled on new computers. Chances are that some OEMs will switch to Windows 7 Professional. Microsoft’s Windows lifecycle fact sheet confirms that the company’s most successful operating system will officially reach its end of sales date next month. Still, this does not mean that Windows 7 will disappear all of a sudden. Redmond will not be providing OEMs and retailers with new copies, yes, but these outlets will continue to sell devices powered by the soon to be retired operating system until they run out of stock...For more you better visit windows8newsinfo forum.


Correct way to disable IPv6 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 25 September 2014 07:56

Correct way to disable IPv6

Many Windows users and IT administrators have opted to disable IPv6 to solve Internet connectivity issues, or on the assumption that they are not running any applications or services that use it. Yet others have disabled it because they feel that having both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled, effectively doubled their DNS and Web traffic. Microsoft explains that this is far from truth. It goes on to explain what are the company’s recommendations about disabling IPv6. But first, let us divert our attention to these standards. IPv4 is the fourth version in the development of Internet Protocol Internet that routes most traffic on the Internet. The version provides us with 32 bit address. The newer version of IP, that is the IPv6 on the other hand offers us 128 bit addressing capability which means that there would be more number of addresses available for use and making the internet more secure. Microsoft says its Windows OS was designed specifically with IPv6 present...Find out what's going on here by visiting our forum.


Darkdawn Encounters for Windows 8.1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 05:37

Darkdawn Encounters for Windows 8.1

New to the Windows Store is a game called Darkdawn Encounters, a game of 3D tactical starship combat. Fight off multiple enemies as you angle your shields to meet the onslaught, and return fire with your own powerful weapon batteries. "Darkdawn: Encounters has been designed to provide deep, tactical space combat while still being streamlined for short play sessions and touch controls. You are a starship captain, and quick decisions will serve you better than twitchy fingers as you take command of a massive Rampart-class battleship. But make no mistake, this is no "tap and watch" game; it's your hands on the controls, captain," the app description reads. You can outfit your ship with secondary armaments such as missiles and particle beams, and install advanced equipment, like engine boosters and the exotic overshield. Once you have your ship outfitted the way you want, head into battle and take on the enemy...For more and a short video clip visit our forum.



XLTE Ready Samsung Galaxy Note 4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 22 September 2014 08:27

XLTE Ready Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, meaning users get a stunning viewing experience whether they use their phone for movies, games, photography, or productivity. There are a couple of key ingredients to bringing out the best in the smartphone: a brilliant display, advanced camera technology, a lasting battery, S Pen™ enhancements, entertainment and a reliable network. Users can take advantage of the large display is with Samsung’s Multi Window™ feature. It lets users view full, split or pop-up windows within compatible apps with just a swipe. They can also use the enhanced S Pen with Multi Window to easily drag and drop content such as an address from an email into Google Maps without switching back and forth between apps. And with its power savings mode, the Galaxy Note 4 can last for 24 hours on 10 percent battery. The Galaxy Note 4 is also XLTE-ready, so users can expect faster peak speeds and greater network capacity in cities coast to coast where XLTE has been rolled out...For more visit our forum.



Military-grade case for Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 20 September 2014 05:54

military-grade case for Microsoft's Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is, for me, hands-down the most significant device released in 2014. It is designed for both productivity and entertainment and delivers on both. Unfortunately, the tablet can be rather expensive which makes me a bit nervous handling it. Don't get me wrong, it is not fragile, I just cherish it and do not want to break it. Luckily, a new case is coming on the scene, which should protect the Surface Pro 3 from accidental drops. Urban Armor Gear, a company that makes hardcore, yet affordable, cases for smartphones and tablets announces military-grade Surface Pro 3 protection "Available in black and red, Urban Armor Gear's one-piece Microsoft Surface Pro 3 case offers UAG's unique blend of FrogSkin technology (for assured grip in wet or damp conditions) with an impact resistant tactile backing. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 users will enjoy the case's rubber core and bumpers that deflect impact from daily wear-and-tear, as well as occasional hard falls", says Urban Armor Gear...We have more plus ordering links posted on our forum.


Microsoft unveils the Wireless Display Adapter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 05:47

Microsoft unveils the Wireless Display Adapter

Not that long ago, Microsoft unveiled the HD-10, better known as the Microsoft Screen Sharing For Lumia Phones. This little device gives Lumia owners the ability to view high quality content on a bigger display from their phone. Not to be outdone, Microsoft has unveiled the Wireless Display Adapter today, which lets you share everything from your Windows 8.1 or Android device onto a big screen. Here's how it works. Simply plug the USB end and HDMI end of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter into an HDTV, monitor, or projector. Then select the right input on your TV, pair it with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and you’ll be ready to go. This awesome tool lets you wirelessly project your screen from your Miracast-enabled device. Since the Wireless Display Adapter uses Miracast technology, you are not limited to certain apps or content streaming. The adapter will let you show anything from your device...If your curiosity needs feeding stop by windows8newsinfo forum and learn more.


This Microsoft Smartwatch PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 04:53

This Microsoft Smartwatch

Amazing as it may sound but the Apple Watch has been greeted with low key reception. Then again, it’s not exactly out now. A Microsoft smartwatch, however, has been in the news for nearly as long. And since Redmond aims to make it multiplatform, the interest seems a tad higher. Although Microsoft is yet to overly detail its expansion into the wearables industry, a number of sources have apparently taken the Microsoft smartwatch for a spin, reporting favorably on this mysterious piece of hardware. At the same time, concept designers have been crafting their own creations, trying to showcase how a device like this might look and perform. A few have already made their way to the web, but this latest one is a particularly well designed piece that shows how a version of Windows could be tweaked for use on smaller screens. Android Wear works, but Windows Wear is an absolutely perfect name for this flavor of Microsoft’s operating system. Fat chance the company will call it this, though...For more images please visit windows8newsinfo forum.


Windows Technical Preview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 21 September 2014 16:15

Windows Technical Preview

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft will not be releasing a public Technical Preview at its September 30th event. According to my sources, Microsoft will allow the press first dibs on the new bits (or at least give them a very detailed look), and then release to the public a few days later for testing. The September 30th event is designed to explain what's coming in Windows for Enterprises, and generally has nothing to do with consumers. The build that will be issued to the public in October will definitely be buggy, Microsoft has attempted to clean up any game-changing bugs, but little ones will still remain present until later in the preview. There is no embargo for information released on September 30th, journalists invited to the press event will be allowed to live blog everything, and Microsoft will write up their own article detailing the preview and what's new. They'll also talk lots about the Windows Insider Program, something spotted in recent leaked videos and screenshots...Follow this and then eventual release at windows8newsinfo forum.


Surface Pro 3 on Magazine Cover PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Friday, 19 September 2014 06:43

Surface Pro 3 on Magazine Cover

The November 2014 issue of the UK based PC Pro magazine is pleasing sight. It features Microsoft’s latest hardware creation, the Surface Pro 3 on the cover. Microsoft’s Surface tablets have graced the covers of only a few other computer publications since launch, including the July 2014 issue of PC World. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 on the other hand have made it on covers a lot more times than the slates that they power. Inside is a 4-page review of the Surface Pro 3, and the timing is impeccable — Microsoft’s newest just went global recently, and arrived on the shores of 28 countries, including the United Kingdom. Now while, the Surface Pro 3 cannot boast of the same coverage (pun intended) as say the Apple iPad or other such hardware from the Cupertino based technology giant, every little bit helps. Factually speaking, Android powered devices get an equal amount of exposure to Apple in the media...Read more and see more images at windows8newsinfo forum.



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